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Wedding Wednesday: 52 Days & Honeymoon Reveal!

Good morning! I was pretty torn over whether to make today’s post more wedding or home related since we’ve got lots going on on both fronts. However, since the days of blabbing all things wedding are getting down to the wire I’ll take that route today. There will be plenty of time to chat about the home (we met with our first contractor yesterday evening for a few projects we’ve got up our sleeves!) after September 28.

When it comes to our wedding I keep waiting to feel crazy or stressed, but I just don’t. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had about 10 months to plan (since finding the venue and setting the date) and as of this coming Sunday we’ll have been engaged for a full year. How crazy is that?!?!? Unbelievable. I still feel like our engagement was such a shock to me that sometimes I still can’t believe this is actually happening. But it is!!

So today, I thought I’d share with you a list of the big remaining items we have left to accomplish over the next 52 days. Keep reading because at the end I’ll spill the beans about our awesome honeymoon and would love your recommendations.

Our big remaining wedding To Do’s

  • Invitations – they’ll be mailed to guests by the end of this week. I got to see them (by the incredibly talented Megan of Ruby the Fox) and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve actually never received a suite quite like the one we’re sending. I may wait to share them until we have the professional photos because I’m pretty sure my iPhone could never do them justice.
  • Engagement pictures–we’re taking them this Friday with our wonderful photographer, Tim Tab. We plan to take some photos around our new home & some favorite spots in our new Logan Square neighborhood!
  • Final meeting with our florist next week.
  • Final meeting with our officiant, Rev. Bob. Next week we get to go through our whole ceremony with him, get his feedback, and continue to tweak it. I love our ceremony so much. Robert and I both need to write/edit our vows. We won’t know what the other has written until we say/read them at our ceremony.
  • My bachelorette party! Holy cow, it’s in two weekends. I am so excited about it and it’s all very…me. I can’t wait to spend the evening with some of my favorite ladies. I’ll be sure to share details and photos afterward.
  • Choose wedding music. In many ways, this has been coming together very organically. Any time I’ve tried to Google stuff like “processional music” I’m left feeling blah. Like whatever I find is inauthentic or has been done 10 million times before. However, over the past few weeks Robert and I’ve be listening to favorite stations on Spotify or Pandora (on our new awesome bluetooth speakers) and realize a song we’ve both loved forever and means something to us could be the perfect fit for any number of moments in our big day.
  • Finalize our day-of schedule.

Our honeymoon:

I’m so thrilled to share with you that shortly after our wedding weekend we’ll be heading off to spend a week in a cottage in Bay Harbor, Michigan. After lots of planning, dreaming, and guidebook buying to places all over the world we decided that this is the perfect place for us. A place where we can unplug, lay low, unwind, and spend our first days together as husband and wife. During the day, we plan to explore adorable nearby towns such as Charlevoix, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and others. (Any lunch/picnic spot suggestions??) In the evenings, we’re thinking there will be lots of delicious food and downtime by the fireplace. If you have any recommendations for what to see/do in northern Michigan, we’d absolutely love to hear it!

Wedding Wednesday: Our New Home!

You guys…we did it! We’re homeowners! Two months ago I had no idea I’d be typing those words, but here we are. There really aren’t any words I can find to accurately describe what this entire process has been like from deciding to think about buying a place, to looking, to finding, to closing, to moving, and to unpacking and living in it. I just feel grateful. Grateful for this opportunity; grateful for this experience; and grateful for the wonderful guy I get to share all of it with.

Closing morning! Me: Robert, your calculator is on. R: I know, it's solar powered.

Looking dapper on closing morning! Favorite quote: “Robert, your calculator is on.” “I know, it’s solar powered.”

It’s surreal. At the moment it kind of feels like Robert and I are living in someone else’s home playing make-believe grown ups. I’m sure that with time and some furniture it will feel like ours.

The adorable pie shop around the corner, Bang Bang Pie, has iced coffee on tap and the cutest courtyard. We'll be frequenting this place, I'm sure.

The adorable pie shop around the corner, Bang Bang Pie, has iced coffee on tap, hot biscuits, and the cutest courtyard. (Had to go on closing morning!) We’ll be frequenting this place, I’m sure.

Right now everything is a big ol’ mess, but eventually I hope to share some pictures with you as we get settled, furnish and decorate.

For now, the specs: It’s a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom townhouse in the Logan Square neighborhood.

As a townhouse there are lots of floors—four in total. When you walk in the front door there’s the entryway with a full bathroom and mudroom (which is really the size of a closet, but let’s call it a “mudroom” to keep this whole grown up jig going on). There’s also an attached 1.5 car garage. I know I’ll be loving it even more come winter when I don’t need to scrape ice off of my car.

First trip to Home Depot. (We're planning to replace all lightbulbs with CFLs)

First trip to Home Depot. (We’re planning to replace all lightbulbs with CFLs.) Also: Pippa!

Head up a flight of stairs and you’re on the main floor, which has an open floor plan with our kitchen, dining, and living room. There’s a Juliet balcony on the front off of the living room and a deck for grilling on the back off of the kitchen. The kitchen deserves a post of its own someday. It’s not terribly fancy, but what it is: big—at least compared to what I’m used to in my previous apartments. And it’s wonderful. My favorite part is the pantry. You can walk in there and do a full spin! Oh, and it houses all of our FOOD! Thanks to a successful trip to the Container Store the pantry is already well on its way to becoming a highly organized machine. There’s also more cabinet and counter space than we could ever need, but I love every single inch of it. I even have a glorious coffee nook for the coffeepot, grinder, and mugs! This makes me happier than words can say.

You guys, I have a spice DRAWER! Easy to find what I need +  less stuff on the counter = winning!

You guys, I have a spice DRAWER! Easy to find what I need + less stuff on the counter = winning!

Up another flight of stairs are two bedrooms—the master and guest—both with en suite bathrooms.

Head up one more flight of stairs and you’re in the top floor third bedroom/loft/office. It’s bright and open with a super high ceiling and decks off the front and back. It’s the perfect sun-drenched place to work during the day.

We’re definitely getting used to lots and lots of stairs and I’m just going to be honest…my calves and quads are sore from these first few days! Since we’re still getting organized I find myself flying up and down stairs constantly throughout the day. Of course, this just means we get extra cookies for the extra effort, right?

We’ve very quickly realized how easily homeownership can take on a life of its own. And while our place was totally move-in ready, newer (built in 2005), and functional there are still approximately 359,943 things we dream of doing with the space to really make it our own. But for now we’re going to take our time.

Our first home cooked/grilled meal: Grilled salmon (with olive oil, s & p) grilled corn sliced off the cob, and arugula salad with olive oil, squeezed lemon juice, s & p.

Our first home cooked/grilled meal: Grilled salmon (with olive oil, s & p) grilled corn sliced off the cob, and arugula salad with olive oil, squeezed lemon juice, s & p.

When we realized there are less than 10 weeks (66 days to be exact) until our wedding (and most weekends we’re away) we decided that we’re going to hold off on doing anything in our home besides unpacking/organizing. Who knows if we’ll even acquire a couch in that time! Frankly, I love camping out on blankets on the living room floor with my guy and the dogs while watching TV at night : ) So we’re going to take our time and really enjoy this home stretch of wedding planning and anticipating the Big Day.

After all, we plan to make this place our home for many years to come.

Wedding Wednesday: An Update!

Hi Friends! Well, as of today we’re exactly 80 days out from the Big Day (!!!!) so I figured it’s time for another WW update. With so many  moving pieces at the moment I thought I’d tackle this post in a list-like format. Here it is goes…

Quick update from our tasting: It. Was. Wonderful. The chef took all of our suggestions to heart (we created our entire menu from scratch) and he made several different options–full plates of food!- for each course that we tasted. Funny side note: They thought our families would be joining us (unfortunately they couldn’t) so we ended up taking home so many leftovers. I love that our menu consists of foods Robert and I regularly eat and enjoy (especially in the Fall), but totally elevated to another dimension. And the cake tasting? Unbelievable. There are no words. It was a dream come true. I can’t wait to cut into it 80 days from now!!!


Of course, there was a wine tasting, too!

Robert got his wedding ring and tux!

We wrote our ceremony! I expected this part to be way more challenging than it was, but it came together so naturally. Love it so much.

This may warrant its own post, but I’m planning to change my last name when we’re married. I already have a few items for our wedding that have our new last name and my new monogram and it’s totally weird and totally exciting at the same time. I don’t think it’s really set in yet, but I can already see why many women experience a sort of identity crisis after changing their last name. If you have any suggestions for coping/prepping for that please share!

You may remember that we entertained getting married in Vermont. A little slice of my heart still wishes that had worked out and as a result I find myself wanting to add touches of Vermont where we can. We’ll hopefully be able to capture that green, garden-like feel with our flowers. I’ve also found some VT-based Etsy sellers who have provided some handmade, rustic touches for the day that make me oh so very happy.

Speaking of Etsy, I have had the most wonderful experience communicating with Etsy sellers. I posted something about this on Facebook a few weeks ago and was surprised to find people have had some less than pleasant experiences, but I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the kindest and most grateful people. It’s so refreshing! Originally, I planned to do a few DIY projects, but I discovered that many times purchasing the materials to make those items would actually be more costly (and potentially wasteful since I’m not sure how I’d use the remaining materials again down the road) than ordering similar things via Etsy. What’s more, nearly everything we’ve ordered through Etsy for our wedding will also have a place in our new home.

Speaking of that home, we’re scheduled to close in 9 days! Yay! The movers arrive at 8 a.m. the very next morning. (Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed I don’t jinx us!) We are soooo ready to move. I feel like we’re just bursting at the seams here (the boxes of wedding stuff taking over our office aren’t helping much, either.) It’s so crazy – we’ve only physically been in our new home twice: Once during house-hunting and once for the inspection. I absolutely can’t wait to get in there, get to know it, and start making that space feel like a home. I am so excited to get to learn our new neighborhood together, take the dogs for walks and explore, and just start our life together in the new space.

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading : )

Wedding Wednesday: Two HUGE updates!

In case my lack of posts lately had you wondering, no I didn’t fall into the ocean while we were in Cabo. Life has been crazy lately (and you’ll soon see why). First a quick trip update: Cabo was, quite simply, incredible. It was the most relaxing trip of my entire life. Aaaand I looked like this for about 90 percent of the time:


Standard daily activity: napping on a comfy chaise at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with a margarita nearby. The umbrella, hat, towel blanket, and SPF 60 are how you don’t get sunburned when you’re as pale as I am.

In short, I’m the most exciting travel buddy ever. Kidding. We had the best time splitting our day between our room with an ocean view and the most beautiful balcony, one of the resort’s three infinity pools, the swim-up bar, and a chaise by the ocean. Not bad, eh? I even got through two books (The Five Love Languages and This is Where I Leave You–I highly recommend the latter.) I could blab all day about how awesome the resort was, how I had the best massage of my life, but I’ll just say this: if you’re ever thinking about taking a trip to Cabo do yourself a favor and book a stay at Hacienda Encantada. Robert and I’ve often joked about how awesome it would be if we could just run away together for a little while without all of that life stuff to worry about. Well, we did. And it was better than I ever imagined it would be.

Okay, now on to the really big Wedding Wednesday stuff. Huge update numero uno…drumroll please…we’re buying a house! WHAT?! I know. If it feels like that came out of absolutely nowhere, join the club. Here’s how it all went down. About a month ago Robert and I had a conversation in which we realized we both want to be in Chicago for the foreseeable future. We also noticed that lots of our friends were buying places so we started to consider whether this was even a possibility for us. After some research and number crunching we realized we could pull it off. Then we started to factor in the low interest rates, the fact that we overpay for rent, the fact that we’d like to have more space, and yadda yadda yadda. Next thing you know we’re sitting in a real estate agent’s office on a Tuesday night. That Friday afternoon she shows us the first place. Saturday morning we put a bid on that first (and only) place we saw. True story. We negotiate back and forth with the sellers through the weekend and by Memorial Day they accept our final bid. Craziness, right? We still can’t believe we put a bid on the. first. place. we. saw., but it had absolutely everything we were looking for and so much more.

Lots more coming in future posts about how we ended up in the Logan Square neighborhood (one word: space), details, potential future projects for the home, etc. If all goes according to plan we’ll be closing in mid-July and moving in shortly thereafter. I’m still in shock that this is happening, but I’m so excited for the life and experiences that will take place in that home of ours to be.

Huge update numero dos….our wedding website is LIVE! Check it out at We spent a long time creating and designing the site together, so I’m thrilled it’s finally out there! Now people can start booking hotel rooms. It’s really happening!!

So there you have it folks! Basically nothing exciting going on around here : ) Ha! The next month or so is sure to be just as nutty, but I hope to be back very soon with some delicious recipes. Because even when you and your fiance buy a house, make a wedding website, and hold down jobs, you’ve still gotta eat. Speaking of which…two words regarding the new kitchen: COUNTER SPACE! Okay, one more: PANTRY!

Wedding Wednesday: Pre-wedding Moon


BVI 2011

Okay, so I know a pre-wedding moon isn’t actually a thing. But, we made it up so at least in this household it is. I’m beyond excited to leave on our pre-wedding moon Wednesday! As you may or may  not know, the nature of Robert’s job means that he works crazy hours between January through the end of April including most weekends. BUT, I get my guy back in May when he returns to a more human-like schedule.

Last year we celebrated by taking the most incredible trip to Paris and the Loire Valley. We still talk about that trip all.the.time. This year with everything we have going on and lots of travels for other weddings we’re taking a more low key vacay to Cabo!!

If all goes according to plan, by 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning (someone please remind me why we booked such an early flight?) we’ll be well on our way to Mexico (oh right, it was so we could be sitting by the ocean with a drink in hand by about 2 p.m.)

In general, we’re  the type of people who enjoy going places where we can see and do lots of things–as anyone who has ever received a Robert itinerary knows. But to be perfectly honest, we’re looking forward to five whole days of doing as much nothing as possible. I want to sleep in, eat leisurely meals, sit in the sun slathered with SPF, sip fruity cocktails, read a book or two, and just hang out with my guy. It’s also my first non-working vacation in a loooooong time. Ever since a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands two years ago forced me to leave work behind (uh, laptop on a boat = bad idea) I learned just how crucial it is to take time away from work (and e-mail…and social media). I had never felt so relaxed in my entire life and I can’t wait to recapture that feeling again.

I hope you all have a fabulous week! I promise I’ll consume plenty of chips, guac, and margaritas for you! Adios!

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Chalkboard Frames

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another round of Wedding Wednesday! I’m so excited to share with you my first ever DIY project: Chalkboard frames!

DIY Chalkboard frames.*

DIY Chalkboard frames.*

I don’t know what it is about chalkboard frames, but every time I see them my heart does a little flutter. We’ll be able to use the chalkboard frames in some places we’d otherwise use paper. Once I got the idea to make them, a few Internet searches helped me realize just how simple this project would be. (And I’ve never DIY’d anything before besides food.)

So, last week I stocked up on supplies:

  • Four inexpensive white frames from Michael’s (I went with white because we can either leave them as-is or they’d be easy to paint if we decide to add some color.)
  • Primer, chalkboard paint, a foam brush, and a roller brush from Home Depot
Primer and paint that I used

Primer and paint that I used

Sunday morning in a slight wine-induced haze (thanks to a super fun dinner party Saturday night with some of my girlfriends) I got to work. Here’s how it all went down:

1. Line your work surface with newspaper.

2. Remove glass from wood frames.

3. Using a foam brush, paint one side of the glass with a coat of primer. (The paint lady at Home Depot suggested I use  gray primer since the chalkboard paint is dark. Since I know nothing about painting/crafting I listened to her, but my research shows you’d be fine with white primer, too.)


One coat of primer 

4. Once the primer dries (in an hour or two) paint on the first coat of chalkboard paint using a roller brush. Once that’s dry (another hour or two) paint on a second coat.

Two coats of chalkboard paint!

Two coats of chalkboard paint

5. Once the chalkboard paint dries, run a side of chalk over the surface. I can’t exactly explain why this is important to do, but every tutorial I read recommends it as a way to “prime” the chalkboard. I figure it can’t hurt : )


6. Wipe off the chalk, place glass back in frame with the chalkboard facing out.



I recently learned about chalkboard markers, which write like ink, but still look chalkboard-like. I can’t wait to get my hands on some! This means we won’t have to deal with that dusty chalky mess and can write more cleanly, but we’ll still get that classic chalkboard effect I love so much. Since this project came out so well and was so easy to pull off we’re thinking about mayyyyyybe using these types of DIY chalkboard frames (but bigger) for items like our seating chart or even our menu.

Stay tuned for more DIY projects for our Big Day. It’s a safe bet at least one will include food : )

*As of today it’s only 136 days to go!

Wedding Wednesday: Our Save the Date!

Today’s the day! I’m over the moon excited to share our Save the Date with you! We had the most fun putting it together on Minted. We kept switching up the photo in the design process, but always came back to this one and I’m so happy we did. No matter how many times I’ve seen it before it always makes me smile.