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Hi, I’m Paige! (And that’s my husband/professional taste-tester/occasional photographer, Robert). Thanks for stopping by! Although I’ve been eating my entire life, I’ve only been cooking for about five years. Once I discovered how easy it is to make healthy, satisfying meals, cooking quickly became my passion. For me, it’s all about balance: I try to make healthy choices as often as possible, but I always leave room for the joys in life. So while you’ll find plenty of recipes for lean proteinsleafy greens, and whole grains here, you can also expect to see things like meaty baked ziti and chewy butterscotch brownies.

Some things to know about my cooking & eating preferences:

  • I’m a Whole Foods junkie so you can find just about every ingredient I use there. Though I am learning to branch out and navigate Trader Joe’s more and more.
  • I try to only cook with organic ingredients (especially proteins and produce).  I’ll spare you from reading the word “organic” a billion times, but it’s safe to assume everything is.
  • I don’t like cheese. (I know…I’m working on it.) So I rarely cook with it. But if I’m cooking for others and it can be served on the side, I try to offer it. In those instances I’ll include the cheese-friendly parts to recipes so you can have that option.

About Paige Fowler


Hi there! I’m a freelance writer for health and fitness magazines. My byline has appeared in Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Fitness, SELF, Oxygen, Martha Stewart Living, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Natural Health, Fit Pregnancy, MensHealth.com, and others. When I’m not cooking, eating, or writing you can usually find me in the yoga studio – I teach and practice yoga at CorePower Yoga. Robert and I live in Chicago with our two pups, Remy (a goldendoodle) and Pippa (a shih-tzu).  You can also follow me on Pinterest and Instagram. Happy eating!

5 thoughts on “About A Balanced Life Cooks

  1. Matt Walls

    Great website Paige. I cant wait to try the Spicey Chicken Stew this weekend, both myself as well as Laurens boys thought it sounds great. I’ll definately follow you on this site.

    Matt & Lauren W.


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