Baby Fowler is a….

boy_edited-2Robert and I couldn’t be happier to share with you that we’re expecting a baby boy! We are thrilled beyond words. The idea of a little Robert running around just makes my heart burst. I hope he’s as kind, curious, smart, patient, and funny as his dad.


Most importantly, we are so grateful that everything at our 20-week ultrasound appeared healthy and on track with our little guy. He was so active the entire time and we were lucky that he was very cooperative so the sonographer could capture every view and measurement she needed.


Thanks to the happy news that all appears well and finding out that we’re having a boy, I’ve pretty much been on cloud nine since last Thursday. I even felt his very first kick this Saturday. It felt like a flick in my lower belly and I haven’t been able to feel anything again since then, but I can’t wait until his movements become more frequent and noticeable.

After our appointment last week I could think of no better way to celebrate (or satisfy my hunger…omg I was so hungry) than with a delicious donut! It was the first donut I’ve had in YEARS and wow was it good. I’ll never forget this moment of joy captured below. It has so much more to do with the happiness I felt in my heart than the taste of the buttermilk glazed Do-Rite donut (though that certainly didn’t hurt).


Now bring on the blue!!!! I can’t wait to be parents to our little baby boy in March!

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