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Wedding Wednesday: Photo Preview

Christmas came early! Tim and Bethany recently sent us a few preview photos and I’m so excited to share them with you. It may still be a few months before we see the rest of them, but these will definitely hold us over until then. While these photos are just of me and Robert, I’m so excited to see those with our bridal party, family, ceremony, friends, dancing, and more. Today, I offer a sneak peak of our happiest day.

Our first look. Like literally, the very first look.

FowlerPreview-6914 FowlerPreview-6905


My blooms!


FowlerPreview-7243 FowlerPreview-8624FowlerPreview-8875


Remember those ballerina fantasies I had during planning? On our wedding day I couldn’t stop twirling in my dress! FowlerPreview-7434

FowlerPreview-7456Before Tim and Bethany were about to leave for the night we ran outside to capture a few shots. And when I say ran, I mean ran! We didn’t want to miss a second of the party on the dance floor. At the same time, I’m so grateful for these moments. It gave us a chance to step away from the magic that was happening inside and really let it set in that we were married and AT our wedding. It was the best.


FowlerPreview-0160 FowlerPreview-0158