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Wedding Wednesday: My Bachelorette Party!

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We’re getting so close–just 24 days to go! Today I’m so thrilled to share some photos from my bachelorette party a few weeks ago. It was the best. My sister/MOH planned an incredible night and thought of absolutely everything. Thanks, L!

Before I dive into some pics, a big shout out to my dear friend Michelle who’s an amazing photographer and captured all of these photos. Thanks Mich!

It all started at the Public Hotel with a round the clock bridal shower. Have you ever heard of one before? I hadn’t, but my sister filled me in during planning. Basically, each girl gets a time of day and chooses a gift you can use at that time. One of my favorite parts (and I don’t think it was planned) is that most girls explained in their notes what that time means to them and why they got the particular gift.




_DSC3324 _DSC3326



Oh there were games. And videos from Robert. And answers that made me do this…


Remember how I said my sister thought of everything? I wasn’t kidding. Before we headed out to the next portion of the evening’s activities each girl received one of these Eiffel Tower bags with loads of surprises inside including the monogrammed apron you see above…


AND SWEET KIERA COOKIES! Are you dying over them as much as I am? image-9

Remember when I gave each girl a Sweet Kiera cookie when I asked them to be my bridesmaids? Well Leah and Kiera schemed to create these Laduree macaron-inspired cookies with the tag “Girls Gone Mild.” Doubly dying over here. The thing about these cookies is while they look too good to eat they taste too good not to eat. Trust me. Robert and I gobbled this one up the next day. Thanks Kiera!

So why all the French-inspired goodies? Besides the fact that I absolutely adore Paris (duh) we were headed to a French cooking class at Cook Au Vin!

_DSC3349That chef is a very kind, patient man.


Who thinks I should add a flame torch to our registry? Anyone…anyone? Yeah probably not….

I swear I’ve never made this face before in my life.




_DSC3365One of the final products: French onion soup! Dear Leah, Stef, and Mal….I’m sorry for making you cut all the onions. I owe you!


Huge thanks to all the girls who helped me celebrate and for making it such a special night.