Wedding Wednesday: iPhone Engagement Pics & GIF

Last Friday was so much fun. We went all around our little corner of Logan Square taking pictures with our photographer, Tim Tab. I know some people have mixed feelings about engagement pictures. They can look cheesy, awkward, or staged. When done right, however, I absolutely adore them. While looking at other people’s engagement photos I feel like I get a sense of how they really are as a couple–not just when they’re dressed up in a white dress and a tux. It’s how they are when walking around; sharing a meal; or waiting for the train. Maybe there’s a little more hand-holding and kissing than usual, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend like no one is watching.

I couldn’t wait to have this slice of our life captured for us to keep. I know we’ll look back at them and see all of the excitement, anticipation, and love we felt on that day. I also love that we got to take them all around this place we plan to call home for many years to come. We were having so much fun, in fact, that when Robert realized we didn’t bring any house keys with us I didn’t care one bit. (Yes, we had to call a locksmith later that evening. A true homeowner’s rite of passage, I suppose!)

We were lucky enough to do a little shoot with Tim in December for our Save The Date. This time around, we were so much more at ease in front of the camera and were truly able to be ourselves. We laughed when we felt like laughing; smiled because we were happy; and smooched because we couldn’t help ourselves.

At the end, when walking back to our house, Tim shot a few photos outside of the Boiler Room with his iPhone and Robert’s Galaxy. Here’s a little sneak peak.


We didn’t realize that the posters right behind us said “Voice of Addiction” and “Hump Days” while we were taking the photos. Oops! I just liked the colors : )




Our attempt at looking cool enough to live in Logan Square. We’ll keep working on that.

Our very own GIF!

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