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Wedding Wednesday: An Update!

Hi Friends! Well, as of today we’re exactly 80 days out from the Big Day (!!!!) so I figured it’s time for another WW update. With so many ┬ámoving pieces at the moment I thought I’d tackle this post in a list-like format. Here it is goes…

Quick update from our tasting: It. Was. Wonderful. The chef took all of our suggestions to heart (we created our entire menu from scratch) and he made several different options–full plates of food!- for each course that we tasted. Funny side note: They thought our families would be joining us (unfortunately they couldn’t) so we ended up taking home so many leftovers. I love that our menu consists of foods Robert and I regularly eat and enjoy (especially in the Fall), but totally elevated to another dimension. And the cake tasting? Unbelievable. There are no words. It was a dream come true. I can’t wait to cut into it 80 days from now!!!


Of course, there was a wine tasting, too!

Robert got his wedding ring and tux!

We wrote our ceremony! I expected this part to be way more challenging than it was, but it came together so naturally. Love it so much.

This may warrant its own post, but I’m planning to change my last name when we’re married. I already have a few items for our wedding that have our new last name and my new monogram and it’s totally weird and totally exciting at the same time. I don’t think it’s really set in yet, but I can already see why many women experience a sort of identity crisis after changing their last name. If you have any suggestions for coping/prepping for that please share!

You may remember that we entertained getting married in Vermont. A little slice of my heart still wishes that had worked out and as a result I find myself wanting to add touches of Vermont where we can. We’ll hopefully be able to capture that green, garden-like feel with our flowers. I’ve also found some VT-based Etsy sellers who have provided some handmade, rustic touches for the day that make me oh so very happy.

Speaking of Etsy, I have had the most wonderful experience communicating with Etsy sellers. I posted something about this on Facebook a few weeks ago and was surprised to find people have had some less than pleasant experiences, but I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the kindest and most grateful people. It’s so refreshing! Originally, I planned to do a few DIY projects, but I discovered that many times purchasing the materials to make those items would actually be more costly (and potentially wasteful since I’m not sure how I’d use the remaining materials again down the road) than ordering similar things via Etsy. What’s more, nearly everything we’ve ordered through Etsy for our wedding will also have a place in our new home.

Speaking of that home, we’re scheduled to close in 9 days! Yay! The movers arrive at 8 a.m. the very next morning. (Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed I don’t jinx us!) We are soooo ready to move. I feel like we’re just bursting at the seams here (the boxes of wedding stuff taking over our office aren’t helping much, either.) It’s so crazy – we’ve only physically been in our new home twice: Once during house-hunting and once for the inspection. I absolutely can’t wait to get in there, get to know it, and start making that space feel like a home. I am so excited to get to learn our new neighborhood together, take the dogs for walks and explore, and just start our life together in the new space.

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading : )