Roasted Coconut Granola

Toasted Coconut Granola via

Breakfast of champions!

I have always loved granola (sweet clusters of goodness, what’s not to love?), but this recipe has taken things to a whole new level. Obsessed may be more like it.

Last week Robert and I flew to the east coat to celebrate my PopPop’s 85th birthday in Ocean City, Maryland where Robert met a few dozen family members for the first time. It was so fun and so special. (I think I owe him a diagram so he can see how everyone’s related!) We then spent a few days in New York City with my family and I even had a chance to show him around my hometown on Long Island. While staying with my parents, I finally got to try the homemade granola my mom’s been raving about for a while now. And she was right – it was insane! The best way I can describe it is light, crunchy, with just the right amount of sweetness. I didn’t realize it until I tried her’s, but so many times granola can feel heavy. Not this stuff! The batch my mom made had dried blueberries as well as chopped almonds and walnuts.

When I got back to Chicago I knew I had to make a batch of my own ASAP. When I looked at the recipe I realized  I could use coconut oil instead of olive oil. I hadn’t used coconut oil since I made this recipe so I figured it was a great opportunity to see what else it could do. I also found these roasted coconut chips at Trader Joe’s, which provided the perfect crunchy addition.

photo-5You could easily add some dried fruit, too, but my favorite way to eat granola is over plain non-fat greek yogurt with fresh sliced strawberries. Yum!

One thing to note when you make this recipe is that it has an egg white in it. The point of the egg white is to create little clusters of granola–you can clearly see did not happen in my batch. Of course, I had to consult my mom and she pointed out that you’re supposed to whip the egg white (included in the instructions below) with a whisk until slightly frothy. I just gave it a few turns with a fork, which is why it didn’t actually accomplish this clustery job. Next time I make this recipe I’ll be sure to show you what it looks like when you whip it whip it good...

Roasted Coconut Granola 


3 cups old-fashioned oats

1 1/2 cups chopped raw pecans

2 oz roasted coconut chips

1/2 cup maple syrup (or agave or honey)

1/4 cup warmed coconut oil

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1 1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 egg white, beaten with a whisky until slightly frothy


Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and toss to combine. Pour onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake about 50 minutes, stirring once or twice while baking. Let cook on baking sheet.

Recipe adapted from Bon Appetit 

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