Wedding Wednesday: The Dress!

Hi all!

So I’m a day late with my Wedding Wednesday, but I have a perfectly good excuse. I had my first dress fitting on Tuesday and I needed to let it all sink in. First of all, I couldn’t be more grateful that the place where I happened to find my dress is an eight minute walk from my apartment AND they do alterations there. Talk about convenient, right?! And the girls who work there couldn’t be sweeter or more helpful. (Chicago gals, it’s Weddings 826 on Armitage.)

Tuesday I was so excited to try on my dress. I was especially excited because I thought it was going to fit without being held together in the back by a few clips. Unfortunately, it was still way too big so I still don’t have a real idea of what it will look like when it fits. But I will soon! Taking the bodice in is one of the first things they do so by my next appointment in May I’m hoping they can zip me right into it!

Still, getting to try on my dress was such a different experience from when I first found it. Because this dress…the one I tried on on Tuesday…this dress is mine. This is THE dress. Wow. I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that I really and truly own a wedding dress. My heart just skipped a beat writing that. Every big and small step we take toward September 28 just makes it all more and more real. I don’t know if I can possibly withstand excitement that’s greater than what I already feel.

But I have to tell you something absolutely crazy about THE dress. Let’s back up for a moment. When Robert and I were dating and I soon realized that this love was the kind that lasts forever I started to dream about our wedding day. Someone told me about a little website (achem, Style Me Pretty). I still remember the very FIRST wedding I ever saw on there and I immediately fell in love with the dress the bride was wearing. I learned the designer and name of the dress and my heart leaps every time I see it. Well, fast forward to my time to find a dress. I knew I had to try that one on. Unfortunately I discovered two things: 1) They don’t make that exact dress anymore and 2) Even if they did it cost way more than I had budgeted. So I let it go. But I didn’t give up.

That’s because my dream dress has the most beautiful sash. And thanks to Google, several months ago–even before I found my dress–I discovered someone was selling just the sash online because she’d paired the dress with a different one. So I purchased the sash for a ridiculously low price and figured it wouldn’t be a huge loss if I didn’t end up using it. I had to see for myself.

And so, on Tuesday, we pinned the sash to my dress and snapped a few pictures. Yesterday, I played around with the image on my computer (the lighting in the dressing room was kind of dark, which made the sash look much darker than it actually is.) Then, in an adjacent window on my iMac I opened the pictures from that very first wedding I ever saw on Style Me Pretty. There, side by side, I realized the dress I bought and the one I’ve always loved are nearly identical–same fabric, same shape of the skirt, similar in so many ways. And with the sash, well, it’s perfect.

I knew I loved my dress when I found it, but I had no idea just how much it looked like the one I’ve always loved. And in the end, with the sash, I can honestly say I get to wear my dream dress on our wedding day.


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