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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Style

To think I’d ever consider writing a post that somehow involves fashion is a little ridiculous. I am, after all, pretty darn clueless. Still, I’m getting married, which means I’m going to have to wear something that doesn’t have a Lululemon logo on it at least one day this year. So here it goes…

Many people who know me know that I grew up dancing ballet. It was a huge part of my life–no, it was my life–for most of my childhood and well into my teenage years. When I retired my pointe shoes and headed off to college I was sure that part of my life was completely behind me. And it was…

Until I started planning a wedding.

All of a sudden the sweet, girly ballerina in me has reared her slicked-back bun head and loves everything soft, frilly and feminine. The more bows the better. I’ve been doing a pretty solid job of keeping these urges under control, but every so often I can barely believe what I’m thinking.

When it comes to dresses I was certain I wanted a very slim fitting sheath dress. So in the beginning that’s all I looked at and tried on. Of course, that was until I found myself standing in a dress made entirely of tutu-fabric tulle at Jenny Yoo, twirling on top of the pedestal. I went back and tried on this numberĀ three different times.

Jenny Yoo Georgeanne via

Ain’t she a beaut? Jenny Yoo Georgeanne via

Although I didn’t buy that dress (or one made of tulle…) let’s just say I didn’t end up with the slim-fitting lace dress I was sure I would get either. No, not even close. For some reason when I tried on those dresses I felt like I was wearing a beautiful white dress, but I didn’t feel like a bride. Because apparently I need to feel like a ballerina to feel like a bride.

There’s no explaining bridal brain.

When I put on the dress I ended up buying I did so certain that I would de-pouf it in alterations by at least several layers. But lately? I’m thinking about keeping every last layer of dreamy, cloud-like fluff in there. Bun head strikes again!

Now let’s talk shoes. This is where my inner ballerina really shines. Any time I see the words “ballet slippers” I can practically feel the four swans prancing across my frontal lobe. Sparkles make my heart race. And oh, those bows! Of course it’s become abundantly clear to me that I’m not the only bride to ever have ballerina fantasies for her big day. Just check out some of these adorable ballet-like slippers I’ve recently considered:

Parisian Ballet Flats

My heart is waltzing as we speak. via BHLDN

Are you kidding me with those straps?

Sweet, sweet Chloe ballet flats via

Sweet Chloe ballet flats via

Sparkles and bows!

Dakota Back-Bow Ballerina Flat via

Alice & Olivia Dakota Back-Bow Ballerina Flat via

Last Friday I even swung by the BHLDN store on Oak St. here in Chicago and tried on some adorable shoes. I haven’t committed to these, but they would certainly take care of that something blue…

Le sigh.

More bows!

The good news is so far the ballerina magnet is only at full force when it comes to my attire. (Besides shoes the next big decision is finding a sash for my dress. Say hello to satin and sparkles!) Fortunately, this quasi-obsession hasn’t driven me to want every surface of our venue encrusted in florals and crystals. I know my sister will be the first person to make sure my hair isn’t so slicked back that my eyebrows are perma-raised like they were when I was a dancer. (Don’t worry, L, I’m going forĀ soft.) And the truth is I’ve only jokingly considered wearing a tiara, but only because Kate Middleton did.

Thankfully, I realize there’s only room in this wedding for fulfilling one of my fantasies and, well, the Sugar Plum fairy will always triumph over Princess Kate.