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Wedding Wednesday: Saying “I Do” To a Videographer

The second bouquet I caught in a year

Wedding Wednesday? Yes, I’ve officially gone off the blogging deep end. Swan dive and all. It’s just that after last week’s post about asking my bridesmaids I realized that blogging about our wedding is so. much. fun. I still can’t believe this is real life. Shortly after Robert proposed my sister said to me that I’m like romantic comedy happy. Nothing about that has changed.  Every decision we’ve made hasn’t been the easiest, but once we take the plunge we’re 100 percent committed to it and get even more excited about the big day.  That day just happens to be exactly 10 months or 304 days from today (achem, if anyone would like to produce us a flower girl you still have time…) See what I mean about the deep end? I can’t be held responsible for the things I say.

While I don’t plan on posting about the wedding for the next 40 or so weeks I’ll share any fun, new decisions or developments as they arise and seem blog-worthy.  We’ve made so many big decisions in the past month that a part of me wishes we chose an earlier date because we pretty much have all of the pieces in place. (So what if I have nothing to wear and would have to scrounge together a bouquet of flat leaf parsley and cilantro?)

The most recent development will happen today shortly after I hit “Publish” on this post when I’ll e-mail the signed contract and send the deposit to the videographer. Let me start by saying that when I dreamed about our wedding a videographer was never part of it. (And I really do mean “our” wedding; I never imagined what my wedding might look like until I met Robert and knew very early on that he was my forever.) The idea of a videographer only occurred to me after Robert proposed. It was such a huge surprise and I was so ecstatically blissed out that I barely remember it. When I call the memory to mind I can see Robert down on one knee in the park across the street from our new home and me standing there with both hands over my mouth saying, “Is this happening? Wait, is this really happening? OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING!” In other words it’s an out of body experience based on what I think actually happened, but I can’t remember exactly what it felt like to be in my body in that moment. And I really wish I could. That experience made me realize that our wedding day may very likely cause mind-erasing bliss and I want to be able to remember it all.

Once I did some research and realized how big of an investment a truly great videographer is (if we’re going to do it we may as well go with the best) I put the question of whether or not to hire a videographer out to the Facebook world. I was overwhelmed with the responses and it’s really what sealed the deal for us. Friends I haven’t spoken to in more than 10 years went out of their way to let me know their thoughts, which meant so very much to me. Many people who had a videographer said it was one of the best decisions they made (even if they were opposed to it at first) and some made the point that they didn’t have one and really wish they had so they could relive the day. We already have an incredible photographer (so happy with our decision!), but the idea of reliving it through a documentary-style video on top of that makes me feel like we really can capture every meaningful moment.

The question of which videographer to hire was probably the easiest part of this decision. I’ve had the biggest crush on I Do Films for some time and was more than thrilled when Robert gave them his seal of approval, too. I’m powerless in the presence of those films. I cry every. single. time. I also had a sweet yoga friend send me the full-length edited copy of her DVD by I Do and after that I was sold. I bawled through her entire film and I wasn’t even there! (Here’s the short version of their film.)

Although it took us some time to make this decision once and for all I couldn’t be happier that we went through with it. I already can’t wait for the day about six months after our wedding when the DVDs arrive in the mail and we’ll get to relive our wedding day as many times as we like for countless years to come.