Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

This time of year food bloggers everywhere are posting countless recipes for Thanksgiving, which happens to be tomorrow. (Will somebody please tell me how that happened?) Robert and I are flying to Vermont tonight to spend the holiday with my parents, my sister, and my brother-in-law. My whole family will hang out in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day cooking up a feast. Besides making a butterflied, grilled turkey (so delicious!) we tend to be traditionalists when it comes to the other parts of the meal so there’s not much to add to the Thanksgiving food conversation. If we were to do away with any staple or change it in anyway – the stuffing, the potatoes, the gravy, or the cranberry sauce – it wouldn’t quite be Thanksgiving to me.

So, for me, this Thanksgiving week isn’t just about the food as much as it’s about something else: Giving thanks to the best friends a girl could ever wish for. This Saturday I planned a lunch to let my best girlfriends know just how much they mean to me and to ask them to be my bridesmaids. Saturday morning I was so giddy with anticipation I launched out of bed before 8 a.m. I was more than Christmas-morning excited.

Truth? I’ve known who my bridesmaids would be for a while even though I had absolutely no idea Robert was going to propose when he did. I think at some point in life you just know. I also knew I wanted to ask them in some special way so I gave myself some time to figure out exactly how I was going to do it. The idea started to form when I recently developed a love for Rifle Paper Co. The designs are so beautiful, whimsical, and fun. Then I found the “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” and “Will You Be My Matron of Honor?” stationary. I was done. I ordered the stationary and wrote each girl a personal note expressing how much they mean to me and asked them to be my bridesmaids/Matron of Honor.

Next, I reached out to my super-talented high school friend Kiera of SweetKiera.com. She bakes, designs, and decorates the most gorgeous edible treats you’ve ever seen. When I ran the idea of doing Rifle Paper Co. inspired Will You Be My Bridesmaid? cookies by her she was more than game. She took the idea and created the most beautiful cookies that were light years beyond anything I possibly could have dreamed of. She then came up with packaging ideas that took everything to a whole other dimension. (Please forgive my less-than perfect photos. Kiera’s husband is a photographer and I’m sure she’ll have some professional-level pics on her blog at some point so keep checking!) 

See what I mean? Stunning. Below are the packages she created with handwritten chalkboard-like labels (I mean what?!?!?!) By the way, these flew from San Francisco where Kiera lives and arrived at my home in Chicago in flawless condition:

Below is what the cookies look like inside the boxes (the two pictured above were extra samples Kiera sent Robert and me.) We can confirm that the cookies aren’t just pretty they taste delicious, too! Check out those labels below!!!

Saturday, I invited the girls to a fancy champagne lunch at Fred’s at Barneys New York. The restaurant is located at the top of the store with views of downtown and Lake Michigan. My sister wasn’t able to fly in from New York (it was super short notice), but she surprised us with a bottle of champagne when we arrived at the table! It was like she was there in spirit and bubbles. Thank you so much, Leah!! Best. Surprise. Ever.

I had Kiera send a similar cookie package to Leah in NY with a “Will You Be My Matron of Honor” label, which Leah opened with me over video chat.

Here we are at Fred’s. I’ve known all of these girls since freshman year at Northwestern, which means we’ve been friends for 10 YEARS!!! It sounds like a crazy-long time to me now, but I know we’ll look back at these pictures some day and talk about how young we were and how this was just the beginning of life-long friendships.

Love you all so much! Thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest gal ever. xoxoxo

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