Life Lately

Hi friends! I’m going to start by being honest with you. I don’t have a recipe to share today so if you’re hungry grab a snack or a cup of tea and just keep reading : )

It has been a while since I last posted. Life has kept me so busy I haven’t had time to make many new or original recipes. But I miss you! I’ve been relying mostly on standards (like pan-seared or roasted salmon) or quick recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. I haven’t even used Pinterest for a full year yet and I almost can’t imagine how people cooked before its existence. Amazing how quickly new technologies infiltrate our lives and minds, eh? Still, I wanted to reconnect with you and let you know that I plan to return on a regular basis very soon. After all, winters in Chicago are very long and there are few things I love more than spending a cold day in my warm kitchen.

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to lately, let’s start with the really fun stuff: Wedding planning! We’ve made some huge progress in the past few weeks including a venue (here in Chicago), date (Sept 28, 2013…only 323 more days to go!), photographer, band, and even a few surprises for our guests that Robert and I are super excited about. That’s been among our favorite parts: What can we do to show our guests a ridiculously fun time? Now if only I had something to wear I’d really be on top of things. (That’s still a work in progress…)

I have to admit that I’ve been completely shocked at how difficult and, at times, emotional the wedding-planning process can be. In the past, any time I’d hear a bride complain about anything I’d just think to myself, geez get over it bridezilla. Do you know how lucky you are? But now I’m willing to admit that I get it. I completely get it. You have to make a million decisions and you’re constantly trying to figure out what’s “you” for an occasions you’ve (probably) never done before. It ain’t easy. And you want to do it in a way that feels authentic. Of course, I’m not losing sight of what the day is about—promising to share the rest of my life with the person I love most on the planet. Still, we’re inviting all of the other important people in our lives to share this occasion with us so I can’t help but care and want to make the day special, meaningful, and fun for everyone. Ever since making some of the bigger decisions (like where to get married—we moved the wedding around to a few different places before coming back to Chicago) the other pieces have fallen into place and it’s been really exciting to watch. I’m even planning to do a bunch of DIY items for the wedding to give it a really personal touch. That’s sure to be interesting since I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. I’ll let you know how it goes!

In other news, I’ve been teaching yoga and lots of it! I have two permanent classes during the week, but sub a lot of classes, too. When I first started writing for magazines I was so terrible about invoicing because I couldn’t believe people were actually paying me to write. That’s exactly how I feel about teaching yoga! It’s a dream come true. I’ve known that I wanted to teach yoga ever since I first started practicing it when I moved to Park City, UT in 2006. Over the years I even started various trainings, but for whatever reason never went through with them until I found CorePower Yoga and completed Teacher Training there earlier this year. Without a doubt, I know it was a right time, right place, right style of yoga kind of thing. It’s still a little surreal to me to step into the role of a teacher, but with every class it feels more and more comfortable. When I first started teaching I felt completely nervous (would I mess up? would I forget the sequence?) Today, I feel nothing but joy and excitement before walking into the room.

Things will continue to stay pretty jam-packed over the next few months with trips to Ann Arbor (we leave tonight for the University of Michigan vs. Northwestern game—Robert went to Michigan and I went to Northwestern so that’s always a fun game to watch!), Vermont to see my family for Thanksgiving, and a Caribbean cruise with Robert’s family in December. Of course there’s sure to be lots of wedding planning, yoga, and plenty of good food along the way. Can’t wait to share it all with you soon!





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