Tart Frozen Yogurt

Topped with chunks of fresh mango 

In my experience, you either love or hate plain, tart yogurt. Whether it’s Greek, regular, or frozen I’m in the camp that adores it and would eat it for every meal if it had the same nutrition content as kale. I still remember my very first taste of Pinkberry. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it because the tangy flavor was so unfamiliar. But as soon as I stopped thinking of it as a substitute for ice cream or even soft serve (remember TCBY?) and appreciated it for what it was—its very own thing— I found that I absolutely loved the sweet tangy taste. Now, with a billion different places besides Pinkberry offering this treat (often along with a dozen other self-serve flavors) I still gravitate toward tart, often combining it with another option such as strawberry or mango.

I came across this recipe that claimed to be better than Pinkberry while searching for another flavor of frozen yogurt to try (I found that one too and can’t wait to try it very soon). Whereas I thought the strawberry fro-yo I recently made was simple with just four ingredients, this one has it beat: Plain yogurt and sugar. That’s it!

I’ve only made about a handful of different ice cream/frozen yogurt flavors in my ice cream maker so it continues to be a learning experience for me. The strawberry frozen yogurt was out of this world, but my only complaint was that it got hard as a rock in the freezer. (I actually had to microwave the glass container it was in in order to be able to scoop some out so I could eat it–not ideal in the texture department.) In reading the comments to this plain frozen yogurt recipe (yes, I’m a comment reader) I found that David Lebovitz, the ice-cream guru himself, left one. (Sidenote: If he ever commented on my blog I’m pretty sure I’d spontaneously combust into a million little pieces.) In it, he suggests using full-fat plain yogurt instead of non-fat so it doesn’t get too firm in the freezer. Ah ha! Here I just thought my freezer was exceedingly freezing. And while many other fro yo recipes suggest straining the yogurt he says you don’t have to (good thing since I stop reading at the word cheesecloth). So I heeded his advice, mixed plain yogurt with sugar and voila: A frozen yogurt recipe that far and away rivals Pinkberry’s and for the price of a container of (organic) yogurt—a success indeed!

Tart Frozen Yogurt

3 cups plain whole-milk yogurt
¾ cup sugar

Combine yogurt and sugar in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate for one hour. Freeze in ice cream maker according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Note: I’m sure you could make this with plain non-fat yogurt (and I plan to try it soon). The taste will likely be very similar, but it will firm up in the freezer.

 Source 101 Cookbooks 

2 thoughts on “Tart Frozen Yogurt

    1. a balanced life Post author

      Instead of sugar? That would probably work and I’m sure it would still be delicious. The original recipe from 101 Cookbooks uses 1 tsp vanilla extract for vanilla fro yo and I bet you could cut down on the sugar or eliminate it. Would be fun to try!



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